Massage Cupping

Massage cupping can be integrated into a regular massage session, or it can be included with manual lymphatic drainage for a wonderful immune-system detox/mobilization treatment!

Cupping employs negative pressure on our skin, underlying fascia, muscles and interstitial space- similar to skin rolling.

Cups can pull up stagnant cellular debris, static blood, pathogens and toxins from deeper tissues to the superficial circulatory system, including the lymphatic system which can process the waste and promote healing.

Cupping releases superficial adhesions, loosens scar tissue and lifts connective tissue.

Cupping feels great! It has similar benefits to ‘deep tissue’ massage, without the discomfort-although there are always sensitive areas where cups can be used with light suction, such as the hamstrings.

Cupping engages the parasympathetic nervous system,allowing overall relaxation as well as decreasing systemic inflammation (such as gluten intolerance).

Structural Release Therapy/SRT

Structural Release Therapy is an effective technique for the client with complex and chronic medical conditions, including fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet or carpel tunnel syndrome, whiplash, ‘tennis elbow’, low back pain, etc.

SRT stops involuntary muscle contraction by reprogramming jammed neurological signals of the muscles to and from the brain. SRT quickly restores joint function and range-of-motion, and dramatically decreases pain in the first treatment.

Lymphatic Treatments/MLD

Lymphatic Treatments are gentle techniques formulated for individuals with swelling disorders, especially those who are in recovery from surgical procedures, disease, or injuries that have compromised their lymphatic system.

This light technique assists and redirects lymph fluid towards lymph channels that can process and circulate the excess fluid.

Manual lymphatic drainage can be done before and within days after surgery, allowing tissues to heal more quickly. When fluids are pulled away from a surgical site, soreness and inflammation will be reduced.

For individuals recovering from (acute or chronic) gastrointestinal distress due to Crone’s disease, diverticulitis;  chemotherapy infusion, or antibiotic treatment- MLD can stimulate the hundreds of lymph nodes in the abdomen to clear up residual inflammation.

For more on lymphatic treatments click HERE.

Oncology Massage

A nurturing, gentle and slow massage to support the body after chemotherapy or antibiotic treatments, and helps the body cleanse itself of the post-treatment waste products.

Body-centered Life Coach Session

If you are in transition, curious about your future goals, or in a quandary about your life as it is now, receive support by connecting with your own inner wisdom with a safe and confidential somatic session. A variety of therapeutic methods can be sourced: Focusing, Hakomi, imagery, movement. Our present-oriented conversations will help ground and guide your life decisions through tapping into the quiet voice of your inner wisdom.

Mindful Awareness in Body-Oriented Therapy (MABT)

Mindful Awareness in Body-Oriented Therapy is a mind-body therapeutic approach created and designed to teach basic skills in “interoceptive awareness”, which helps individuals develop fundamental skills in connecting to their inner body’s sensations.  Becoming dissociated from bodily sensations is often a coping mechanism to avoid suffering, to “numb out” areas of the body which has experienced stress, emotional- or physical- pain or trauma.  Naturally, we want to avoid pain, and the fear and anxiety that accompanies pain.  Unfortunately, this becomes an unhealthy coping strategy- the healthier way to address pain is to turn towards it, using curiosity, self-compassion and importantly, guidance from a coach to learn mindful methods on how to stay connected inside, how to be guided by the wisdom of inner body sensations. Learning to trust and to listen to the body as a source of insight, rather than as an adversary, can be transforming. These sessions clients are always clothed both seated and on the massage table. 

Call for more info

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send a message to get more information on these special techniques to see if they are right for you.

Sessions include an initial consultation to determine your needs and concerns, a preliminary assessment, and a treatment plan to outline your goals, whether it be for one visit or a series of visits. Each client has the opportunity to co-create their session. Communication is essential for trust; relaxation is necessary for healing to take place.