Author: Ellen

Phil’s thanks

“Ellen, just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the lymphatic drainage. My sinuses cleared up within a couple of days-a problem that had lingered for nearly a month. Thank you so much-I’m looking forward to more of your magic.”


Lynn’s Story

“Ellen demonstrated great skill and technique when I went to her for relief from lymph swelling under my right arm this year. Three troublesome swollen pockets were quieted and cured by Ellen’s skillfully light and gentle touch during my month of treatments with her.

“Also feeling very helpless and afraid of the swellings, I was comforted and empowered by her steady and encouraging teaching of basic techniques to me so that I could do more massage more frequently at home.

“Knowing that she is easily available here in Port Townsend comforts me and I can always return for help in lymph drainage if needed in the future.”

~ Lynn


Deb’s story

“Ellen has great techniques and a sensitivity that is necessary for tuning into changes that may occur in my body.  I’m so happy to have found Ellen and I look forward to continuing peaceful, rejuvenating massage in the lovely setting she provides.”

~ Deb

Randy’s review

“I came to Ellen with moderate to severe foot and knee pain. I am an active walker and a dance teacher and these problems were of great concern to me.

“I had a wonderful experience with Ellen as she explored a technique she called “positional relief”.

“I found Ellen to be attentive and sensitive. She listened to me, patiently, and designed her treatment around my needs. I have had consistent improvement after two sessions with Ellen and now claim NO PAIN! I appreciated Ellen’s compassionate attitude as well as her technical skill. I’ll be going back.”

~ Randy


Sandy says

“You’ll feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards!…

“I’ve had many massages with different people over the past 40 years.

“Ellen is one of those rare gifted masseuses with healing energy who knows how to tune in to your body’s needs and then provide the magic touch to release tight muscles and accumulated stress. You’ll feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards!”

~ Sandy G



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